Help for victims of abuse

If you are a child or youth who would like to talk to someone, you can call 24/7 and don’t need to give your name:

Help for professionals

If you think or know a child or youth is experiencing abuse or violence:

  • stay calm and listen
  • do not probe for details
  • be supportive and provide reassurance
  • do not make promises you cannot keep (e.g., You’ll never have to see the offender again)
  • ensure their safety, and yours
  • write down as much as you can of what the child told you
  • report as quickly as possible, any time of day or night:
    • Police: 9-1-1
    • Ministry of Child & Family Development: 1-800-663-9122

For more information: handling disclosures of abuse, and your legal duty to report.

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